So before I left on my Kokopelli trip I noticed that my rear mountain bike wheel looked broken. It was.

Like, REALLY broken.


The rim had literally exploded out on both side with enough force to scatter aluminum shrapnel in my garage. I built them myself and had 100% confidence that they were built right (I have all the precision tools and formal training) and so I was feeling sure it was the rim and a defect. On a whim, I reached out to the maker of the rims (WTB) and just let them know that even though they were well out of warranty that they might want to know about this bizarre failure for the future or a blooper wall or something. I didnā€™t hear back from them and I didnā€™t expect to. Today I hear back saying that its a weird thing, and they are sorry for the issue. They acknowledged the Warranty issue but then said; what size rims do you need? do you need one or two?ā€

So now they are sending me new rims. Iā€™m bugged that I have to order new spokes, nipples, anti-seize and then lace up 2 news wheels (again) but good for you WTB. This is customer Service.


Thanks for the sweet birthday present WTB.