Pleasant Surprises

Last night marks the 3rd time I’ve fueled the van up since we bought it. I’m happy I check my economy the old fashioned way instead of just relying on the gauge on the dash or I would be disappointed.

My first tank told me 24.1 mpg on the gauge, calculating manually showed 26.5 mpg.

2nd tank showed 23.9 mpg on the gauge, manual calculation showed 25.8 mpg

My fill last night showed 22.1 mpg on the gauge (yes there was some “fun” had on this tank), yet manual calculation showed 26.03 mpg.


So it gets significantly better economy than my 1994 (18.5-22.5), but only slightly better than my 1992 (22-27), but our driving has been pretty mixed, so I’m interested to see how our trip to Chippewa Falls goes tomorrow morning. I plan to fill it up when we’re leaving then top it off when we get back to check a pure highway run.

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