Pleasantly Surprised

A friend from the Boring.Cars gram volunteered to send some cleaning goods from their company Synergy Worx to help with the clean up of the 340. It’s generally clean, but the details are dirty. With that said, I’m not sure if sponsored is the right word for this post but the Synergy stuff was sent to me for free. They also gave me discount code BORE if you are interested in buying some stuff.

I stand by my big box cleaner products (names you know and love/hate) as go to, easy, and affordable. Boutique cleaning brands or relabeled with their own logo stuff isn’t really my bag. Turns out the Synergy stuff is actually pretty good though! It got a few bits I couldn’t get clean with my current products looking like new again

the front edge of the cup holder cover is exposed when open so it takes the brunt of drink spills. I couldn’t get it right. You can also see the smudges on the shifter surround.
A little rubbing and it came out really nicely. Smudges are gone too. It’s been a few days and it seems to hold up to keeping this space a little less finger print filled.

Next series of four, the before is on top and the after on bottom. Nothing impressively difficult was cleaned, but gives a good example of the lower sheen finish it leaves and how it goes on different surface types


And last one that is SUPER satisfying to look at, this is Lexol conditioner and Blue Magic Leather Cleaner (remember what I said about liking big box brands). Fantastic improvement upon my grungy af steering wheel


So just for support, check out my buds at Synergy Worx and hit me up on the gram @Boring.Cars

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