Please don't buy from the VW group (VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, SEAT, etc.)

My very first car was a VW. It was a 1969 Beetle. It was terrible and broke down constantly. But it was my very first car and I loved it. I saved and saved (I was making $4.25/hour then) and was so happy to own my very first car. Sure, you could see the road through the rust holes in the backseat. And, yeah, the drum brakes stopped working if you drove through a puddle.. but it was my first car. And that made it awesome. My second car was an ‘89 Jetta. Another VW I loved, even if it leaked so much oil the landlord of my apartment wouldn’t let me park in the lot (because it was, in her words - typed up and placed under the wipers -, a “fire hazard”).

My mother owned an ‘03 New Beetle Turbo S. It was a blast! As long as it was driving, at least. It often times would not start and was constantly filled with mold and smelled like crayons. The spoiler that automatically deployed at 45 MPH also made a noise like something was breaking. Still, the 1.8T had 180 hp and six forward gears! In a TT you only got 170 hp routed through a 5 speed!


None of these, however, is why you should not buy from this deeply, horribly, brazenly corrupt company. At some point, VW heads did a cost benefit analysis and somehow came out with the idea that the air we breathe was not as important as making a profit. They must’ve looked at themselves and said ‘Hey, this won’t effect me! And if somehow it does...I’ll only miss a few days/months/years of my life! I need money now!’

This should be inexcusable. It is. VW makes fun cars, but poisoning the air because of a “bothersome” regulation is... well, reprehensible.


I know this “story” has faded over the years. Please don’t forget, though. The health of your loved ones, your children, and their children will be impacted by a few people who decided that making a few extra Euros was more important than the health of us (and our children).

Fuck VW

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