As probably few of you know, in some parts of Mexico it’s ilegal to dispatch your own gasoline, so you just sit in your car and the attending... um... dispatcher will do it for you. In most cases the machines are tampered with to give you less gasoline than advertised. But that’s not the point.

These dispatchers tend to work for tips, so if you ever cross over to Mexico make sure to tip them when you’re served gas. Most dispatchers tend to be quite nice and will offer to check your tire pressure, clean your windshield, so on and so forth.

Which is why I tip them even if they do things like this:

I know most cars can handle the dangling cap, but my car has paint as thin as Donald Trump’s skin and it gets scratched up on anything.

Please take care of your paint, and if you can server your own gas, put the gas cap on the holder!