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Please drive safe in this winter/wet weather guys

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After a long fun night out with my best friend, we decided to take the back way home. We had just experienced a week of heavy precipitation, the roads were very wet. We were on a two lane road lined by two deep ditches. I was driving about 100 feet behind her and we were approaching a curve when she decided to take the curve a little fast an SUV traveling at a very high rate of speed drifted into our lane. She slammed the brake, slid and right in front my eyes, launched off the road, all 4 wheels off the ground, flipped, hit a tree head on, then hit a tree on the driver side. I don't remember what the song on the radio was, I don't remember stopping my car, all I remember is running into the woods to get her. I'm not one to believe in a higher power but something was looking out for her. The 2008 Volkswagen Eos did its job beautifully, front crumple zone deflected the front blow, the roll bars deployed upon roll over, the airbags deployed (she has quite a bit of airbag burn and bruising) She made it out with only a deep leg cut and other minor injuries. Please please guys drive safely, you never know what you can cause as a result. ​In the picture you can see the front end and passenger side damage but most of the damage is sustained on the driver side. ​​​​


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