Please Help: Should I Buy This?

A colleague just offered up his XJ with 140k on the clock. It’s a 2000 JGC. There’s some rust but it’s driveable. It’s silver and automatic.. When I asked if he had any idea what it needs to pass inspection he said.

“It will need some work done to exhaust for sure. Last inspection initially had a code pop up during the emissions test, but they cleared it, and rechecked after driving 75 miles and it passed.

Overall: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Rubber is good. Interior good shape for age of vehicle. Floor panels are fine. Drivers side rocker bar needs replacement. Radiator was replaced in 2018. Needs some body work on rear quarter panel.”


Here are my whys:

I love XJ’s but have never owned one
I love vehicles!
It’s a good car for the winter
It’s a car for $1000!
I can maybe get my money back?


Here are my why nots:

I have 4 cars, a one lane driveway with a car “tent” at the end and an actual garage offsite.
We have two new AWD vehicles
I’m 5 months into a no more cars for a year promise
I am not willing to lose any current cars.


So Oppo, am I buying a running XJ for a grand!?

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