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on pre 1972 Mopar products, on the driver’s side only, the lugs are LEFTY TIGHTY —- RIGHTY LOOSEY. The reason is lost to time.

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I actually knew this and forgot (First weekend on this side of the car) The studs are marked with a letter ‘L’ and a lot of the survivors have had the studs change to normal ones. I got out the duggadugga wrench, and I would have resorted to the “fuck your car” cheater pipe on a breaker bar had I not remembered. (rally wheels havenice chrome nuts that hide the ‘L’. Does anyone know why?

Save this information for when the olds die off and leave a glut of cheap, over restored Mopars. Also, Put the nuts on the studs,  not on the floor or you will lose those left handed nuts and you’re gonna have a bad time. 

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