I’ve seen a lot of apologies lately and frankly, they are unnecessary. We are on a shared blog on the web. The interface compresses imagery and presents it in a less-than-ideal format. If your pictures look so terrible that you feel you must apologize every time you post, then you need to face facts, it’s probably you, not your iPhone.

Smartphones today can take some amazing photographs. Don’t believe me? Check out a few of these:

Many of the “apology” photos look fine in a browser. Those that are particularly bad usually aren’t bad because of the phone, they are bad because the photographer didn’t take the time to properly support the phone in low-light conditions.


If you are one of these apologizers, spend some time learning how to take better pictures with your phone. There are plenty of sites with advice.


Of course, there’s always an exception. Some of you just have an unbelievably bad camera in your phone. We understand this and accept it because you are posting pictures of things we are interested in. Go out and get yourself a decent camera or a new phone so you don’t feel the need to apologize any more.