I'm not gonna mention any scenarios or people, but this has happened a couple of times with friends and families here in Michigan, and it's really annoying. I mention a car, which isn't "from" the USA, and I get shot down for mentioning it. Well here is my response, hopefully it brings up some awareness on equality of car brands.

To begin with, I know this is Michigan; there's a lot of GM/Ford/Chrysler (the big 3) pride here, it's a given fact. But it doesn't mean other brands are off limits. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the current U.S. brand cars were just assembled in the USA. They outsource a lot of stuff now a days. Look at my car, a '08 PT Cruiser, it's was assembled in Mexico. Can I even say it's a USA made car? It's more of a North America made car. And there are foreign brand car plants in the USA. If one of the big 3's car assembled in the US can be called American, then those foreign brand cars have the right too.

What it boils down to is this, it's a car. A life-less piece of metals and plastics combined together for use as transportation, fun, and/or recreation. So...why should brand elitism even exist? It's still a car in the end. Does it exist because the HQ of the brand isn't from your country of origin? Then is it safe to say you don't like it because of its nationality? Does that sound any better? That you are discriminating a brand purely because of its nationality? Because that sounds a lot like racism.

It's ok to be proud of your favorite brand, it really is. And it's ok to stick to your favorite brand, it's called brand loyalty. But don't bash a car because of it's country of origin, it's stupid. Just because a car wasn't made in the US, doesn't mean it's bad or inferior. It just means its not your 'cup of tea'.

In fact, if you dislike a company for any reason, you are denying yourself a chance to enjoy any of it's current, past, or future products. You can't just ignore a company outright. If you ignore Toyota because of the Prius' or Camry's, you're ignoring the 86 as well.


I'm going to take this a step farther and say, if you must hate something, don't hate the brand, hate the products of the brand. If they make a cruddy car, by all means hate upon it. Just leave the brand out of it. A prime example, a Chrysler PT Cruiser.