Plug-in hybrid opinions/options?

I'm recently really liking the idea of using a lot less gas. I'm currently having to fill up about every two weeks, with the majority of the driving being in town. My current daily driver is a 2001 civic sedan, which has been averaging around 6.5 L/100 km - or about 36 mpg. Ideally my wife and I would like to get something like a Tesla, but with the price being what it is, that isn't likely going to happen in the next 10 years. I figure that even a plug-in hybrid with a range of 20 km would cover 80% of my driving.

This got me looking at what other options are out there for either fully electric, or more specifically plug in hybrids. So far, I've read about the:

- Chevy volt (largest electric only range, but higher price and smaller cargo space)
- Ford C-Max Energi (mid-range on electric only. Decent cargo space).
- Prius Plug-In (shortest electric range, and it's a Prius)
- BMW i3 (most expensive of the bunch at $45k+. I don't mind the way it looks though)


Also out there is the Fusion plug-in hybrid, but it seems a reasonable bit bigger than the other options. Our current living situation doesn't give us a lot of parking room, so I'd like to avoid larger vehicles.

So, what's the genera Jalop consensus out there? is the C-Max Energi any decent? How about the Volt?

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