Dear god. This has been a horrible day. My house was built just over a year ago and was not plumbed right. Biggest immediate issue is the end of the main sewer line where the last toilet, sink, and clothes washer join is tilted the wrong way so things just back up.

I had a plumber out to deal with hooking my kitchen back up after a $10k repair from the dishwasher leaking so I decided to just have him fix that pipe. He did, but the big clog in it slid down the line and became lodged just above the drop to the outside.

I didn’t realize this and he is gone so I tested the dishwasher then noticed that none of the toilets would flush. No more details needed but a huge power snake was rented, line opened, huge horrific mess, all the clothes i was wearing have been thrown away.


At least now everything is theoretically fixed. I told my wife that I’m done being a plumber. Yes, I built our first house and plumbed it, yes I know how to fix it. However, life’s too damn short to do this again. If that plumber wanted to go on vacation he wouldn’t go rent an airliner, he’d pay me, and I will pay him when I have a plumbing issue. We make enough that we can call someone for these kind of issues and I won’t hesitate to do it next time.

Plus, it killed my Z Car generations Blipshift shirt that I got back in 2013 or so. Damnit. I loved that shirt.

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