We had a domestic emergency. A toilet took several attempts to flush and was getting progressively worse. Call a plumber, or ask Mr Google the plumber? Mr Google of course.

Mr Google explained unhelpfully that the issue was the flapper valve and provided unhelpful videos showing a cistern that was equipped nothing like any I’ve seen before. Seemingly it’s how they’re done in America.

Back to Mr Google then to find something more relevant to those of us who have syphon equipped cisterns. Success this time. New diaphragm or entire syphon required.

So step 1. Haul out old syphon unit.


Step 2. Examine for damage.


Yes, that’s torn. Yes, they get mucky from dissolved rust and whatnot.

Step 3. Discover that you can get the diaphragm on its own and that they’re all the same size.


Step 4. Fit shiny new diaphragm (or washer as some call it) and reassemble everything


Step 5. Flush with ease and confidence.

Total cost: €4.80 plus fuel to the DIY shop.