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Plundering Hot Rod for more wallpapers

Some of you may have noticed HR's facebook page posting an article about an one-of-one 'Hemi Barracuda with the rare Mod Top. Officially, it's the only Hemi Barracuda (I don't think the 'Cuda had the option) ever ordered from the factory. The owner has/is going through lengths to use all-original parts (going as far as paying full-price for a complete and running green-interior base 'Cuda to use as a parts car), no reproduction pieces are on the car except for the top itself. Don't worry, he's already tracked down 2/3 rd's of an original top in the same pattern.

Anyway, many readers have noticed there's no option to save the images, especially in higher-resolution. Luckily I'm sly enough to dig through the url and find the originals.


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