I spent my lunch break putting the bars on and I think it looks pretty good!

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I’ve finally got all the parts I need for my roof rack system. I received a few of the smaller parts as birthday and Christmas gifts and I purchased the rest on my own. The final pieces, towers and windshield, were delivered yesterday. I was so excited that I assembled as much as I could in the house last night. I may go out at lunch and put them on the car.


I purchased a basket from Harbor Freight. Got it for $70 with a coupon. The only bad things in the reviews were the hardware and crappy paint. After purchasing I found those complaints to be accurate. So, I’ve been working on putting some nice paint on it and I’ve got some higher quality hardware. It should be ready to go this weekend after a quick touch up.


I’ve already got a few jobs lined up for this basket and I can’t wait. I’ll update with pictures when it is on the car!

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