Pneumatic Steering

Noticed the 4Runner’s steering was groaning a bit this afternoon. Being unsure of the fluid’s history I checked when I got home and found that it wasn’t old, it just wasn’t.

Engine was hot, so this is the correct side to use to check the power steering fluid (hey, air is a fluid).

In looking for the leak I found quite a bit on the floor under the rack (which was all very oily). I’ve cleaned it off and will refill with ATF (per the cap) after dinner; I’ll check back tomorrow to see if I can tell where it’s coming from. Hopefully nothing too much of a pain.


A coworker was complaining that I “leaked oil all over” his driveway (accompanied by a picture of a tiny spot) last week, which I called bullshit because the oil level hasn’t changed at all since I changed it months ago; so this should be a slow leak; I drove ~250 miles this past weekend and it wasn’t until this afternoon that it got this low. Technically it is an oil, but not the oil which was implicit.

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