PNW Fall Chill

PNW Fall Chill in Portland, OR was this past weekend. I had tons of fun and, as always loved the city of Portland. If that was in Canada, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

It was great seeing everyone that I’ve met and meeting a couple new people too. There was also an Oppo from Calgary in Portland on vacation who came out for drinks on Saturday.


Also, (I swear this is true) the group ended up outside a place at 12:30am having an extremely in depth discussion about Honda’s Mean Mower V2, including the possible metallurgy of the blade.

It was cool seeing everyone’s cars again plus AMGtech’s Africa Twin, Rye’s C63 AMG, Demon-Xanth’s pristine Sebring, Decay’s totally normal Camry, Ruckus and his FRS. That’s what I love about Oppo.


Decay, Futureheapowner and I went for a very spirited drive in the North of the state on the second day. Probably one of the best roads I’ve ever driven and the Fiesta ST was really in its element. The tires, engine and suspension were all at their limits at times.

Special shoutout to Ravna, Futureheapowner’s dog who really handled the driving well!! Special shoutout to Futureheapowner for organizing the driving!


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