Just a reminder post! See everyone coming on Saturday! BBQ maybe issue due to burn bans. I will be hitting up a grocery on the way down, buying chips and a sandwich or two. But the driving is the most important part! I recommend you just bring your own main/food and a snacky share thing.

Meet at Walmart at noon, we’ll head out at 12:3opm.

Really looking forward to it!

Food: I think it is easier if everyone brings their own stuff, but does anyone want to volunteer to bring a BBQ? I’ll buy food in the USA, including maybe some chips or whatever to share. We’re doing lunch at Deception pass, a BBQ/Picnic style deal. Dinner/appies/drinks in La Conner later on.

Communications: NKato (thanks!!) had set up a discord chat for the last meet and it seemed to work well (except for the cell reception at Mt. St. Helens). So we will use that. Click Here For Link

Click here for route or see below:


As a reminder We’ve decided that this will happen on September 1st, 2018 on Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands! We’ll be going to Erie Mountain, Deception Pass, Fort Ebey and La Conner

Location & Date:

Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands on September 1, 2018


Picnic @ Deception Pass:

I can’t bring food across the border, so I will pick some stuff up once accross. I’m not sure about facilities/BBQ availability, I recommend just bringing a sandwich or whatever. If people are interested, we can try to do a potluck type deal.

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I’ll have my sign and be driving my Fiesta ST.