PNW Oppo Cruise Spring 2018 - Reminder

We’re just over 24 hours from the PNW Oppo Spring Cruise that starts at 11:00 PDT on 05/19 at the Silver Lake Visitor Center just outside Castle Rock, WA. Currently the weather is expected to be mostly sunny and around 64F (18C) for the start, with a high around 72F (22C) during the day and about a 10% chance of precipitation.

If you’d like to drive with others to the starting point, reply with your route and times so I can list them in this post.



NKato set up a Discord group for this cruise, which allows text and voice chat for coordination.

Pre-cruise drives:

Seattle Eastside and Tacoma (Eric)

On Saturday morning I plan to leave promptly at 07:30 from the Wilburton Park-and-Ride lot just off I-405 in Bellevue, stop at the Tacoma Mall in the parking lot near Krispy Kreme around 08:10, then leave promptly at 08:30 to continue on to the Mount St Helens Visitor Center with a stop at the Chevron in Castle Rock. Arrival at the Visitor Center is estimated to be around 10:00, allowing time to walk the trail/stretch and some time to check out the visitor center prior to the cruise.


Lower Mainland and Bellingham (CarsofFortLangley)

Cross into WA at about 5:30am into Blaine (with a full tank of 94). Hit the Chuckanut from Fairhaven to Edison then down the Bayview Edison Road to Highway 20.


Hwy 20 to I5 down to Castle Rock. Fill up in Tacoma, I5 down to Castle Rock, fill up again and then to the Visitor Centre.

Oregon City/Portland

Looking forward to it! Me and AMGtech will be heading up from PDX. (Decay buys too many beaters)


I’ll be heading up I-205 from Oregon City. Planning to leave at 9-ish so I can have some time to unload my car from the trailer/wander around/stretch/relax/let the youngster run around before the cruise kicks off. (Tristan)

Going to be coming from Gresham going from I84 to 205 probably leaving around 9. (Doge_Supreme drives a BRZ)

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