PNW Oppo Cruise - Success!

Just a quick early follow up. It all went well, with 10 cars and 2 motorcycles participating (11 cars arrived, 10 of them went on the cruise). There were a total of 16 of us there. Look at everything represented, not a single duplicate.


One more car and both motorcycles arrived shortly before we left, so I didn’t get them in a picture. I also failed miserably at taking pictures, but I did remember to turn on/off studystudystudy’s GoPro after we got it plugged in, so we should have some fun videos and time lapses from some cars on the cruise.

We also noticed that most of our cars are in boring non-colors. On the other hand, we also figured that if we could somehow combine some aspects of all of them together, it would be the most concentrated Oppo/Jalop car ever.

We were all pleasantly surprised by lunch and had a lot of fun out there. The weather held up aside from a section of rain on the way back down and the heavy rain for the return trip.


It was great seeing everyone!

Oh yes, in case anyone missed Zoidberg’s post, apparently some cars like being driven in a spirited manner:


I wonder which gasoline vehicles with at least 2 tandem seats actually attained the highest and lowest fuel economy today.


The only mishap was when Tristan and NKato missed the first stop. I’m contemplating a better way to get everyone instructions on the day of the cruise (maybe a paper map with miles between points and turns). Unlike last time, nobody had cell service or data service (or both) for the cruise, contrary to the service maps. Then the group waved, but we were missed. The general consensus was that it’d probably be obvious after a handful of miles without seeing us that they overshot. I didn’t notice the construction zone on the highway during planning, otherwise I could have used it as a location indicator. That construction zone split the group into at least three pieces.

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