I just got back, cleaned up and unpacked.

Thanks to Eric for organizing this once again! Eric does great work, but man it blows my mind how things can come together with such minimal communication.

I followed Eric’s departure plan and met up with him and fintail in Bellevue

Started off with a bit of overcast and drizzle.

We ran into CarsofFortLangley on the highway. The only really remarkable car in our Trio was Eric in his ST since fintail and I were in our dailies. After waving and a confused look, then recognition of the ST, we were in convoy onto the second destination.

Krispy Kreme...mmm donuts.


We hit the road again.

Saw some interesting things on the road.


A Lambo

Yea that’s a really nice HD photo of my dash. Silly autofocus...


Some military Humvees.

Also had this super awesome shot of Eric passing under some moving trains, but I bumped it at the last second.


We met up with the rest of the group at the designated location. I love how eclectic the group is. Almost no two vehicles the same.


There is the ST hiding behind the Interceptor.

Sparco wheels on the FiST and a sparco tongue/tow hook on the . I think it is a tongue :P


Didn’t take a picture as the rest of the group (2 motorcycles and a Benz) joined, you guys weren’t cropped, just late :P

We hit the River view Cafe? For some burgers, we lost two of our group unfortunately as we were on the lower ground on a curve, fintail has some footage of our attempts to flag them down, but alas.


The spot is pretty unassuming, with decent food, but the view off the deck was almost unfittingly gorgeous for a burger spot.

Some group chow


Then back to the cars to get back on the road.

Red/orange seemed to be our primary color


Back on the road we hit the road for some spirited driving. A bit of swapping took place as some passed, other’s slowed down, some waited, overall though the people who wanted to keep pace did and those who seemed more content to cruise did so as well.


The scale of the scenery is hard to capture. It is immense. I’ve been here a few times as a kid, but never appreciated it. Seeing other kids wandering about, made me hope they appreciate it or come back as I was lucky enough to do at some point to really take it in.

Back in the lot we said our fairwells and split up on our own routes.

Aestheticsinmotion, AMGtech, and I decided to spend the night and camp out.


Made some grub.

Setup camp. It is surprising how much AMGtech had brought on his Ducati, leaves no excuse for my thoughts of wondering if I can pack everything into the Datsun.


After a bit of a struggle

And a little help of some fuel, we got a nice fire going. The wood while looking dry was quite wet given the sizzling noise it made throughout the whole process. We spent the time talking of engines, swaps, beautiful scenery, camping. I think another great day of this year so far.