Hello everybody! I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you that’ll be coming out to any part of the fall PNW meet in Portland this weekend!

Photo: Tim Giraudier - BeautifulOregon.com

The first event is tonight at 8:00 PM at Fire on the Mountain on Burnside; a few of us (mostly locals) will be meeting up for wings, drinks, and puppy love.


The first drive is tomorrow’s Columbia Gorge drive (gorge pictured above). We’ll assemble at 10:30 AM in the parking lot of the Hong Phat Asian supermarket on 82nd Ave (next to the Chevron station).

The weather for this weekend is typical Portland fall weather: overcast, neither warm nor cold, with a good chance of Portland’s version of rain (which in my book is merely heavy mist)

If you’re planning on coming, please join the discord server (if you haven’t already); most of the cat wrangling coordination before, during, and after the drives & dinners will be happening on there.


See you soon!