PNW Oppo Fall Chill Starts Tonight in Portland!

Hello everybody! I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you that’ll be coming out to any part of the fall PNW meet in Portland this weekend!

Photo: Tim Giraudier -

The first event is tonight at 8:00 PM at Fire on the Mountain on Burnside; a few of us (mostly locals) will be meeting up for wings, drinks, and puppy love.


The first drive is tomorrow’s Columbia Gorge drive (gorge pictured above). We’ll assemble at 10:30 AM in the parking lot of the Hong Phat Asian supermarket on 82nd Ave (next to the Chevron station).

The weather for this weekend is typical Portland fall weather: overcast, neither warm nor cold, with a good chance of Portland’s version of rain (which in my book is merely heavy mist)

If you’re planning on coming, please join the discord server (if you haven’t already); most of the cat wrangling coordination before, during, and after the drives & dinners will be happening on there.


See you soon!

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