PNW Oppo: Pumpkin Spiced Chuckanut Run (Updated with Plan)

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada next week, it will also be sunny on the Saturday the 12th.

I drove Chuckanut last week in the truck and it made me realize how badly I want to drive it once more before the truly shitty weather comes in. My favorite local drive is Historic Fairhaven to La Conner. The roads take you all along the coast on some awesome roads with surprisingly high speed limits... Also, Chuckanut is quite pretty on a fall day.


The Plan:

Meet at 10:30am at Shirlee Bird Cafe (good parking/on 12th). Then drive Chuckanut down to Edison. We can stop there for a coffee or whatever and then onto La Conner.

Optional Discord (if you need to get ahold of me/others):


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