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As I’ve posted about before, in late August three of us are going to fly to Seattle, buy cheap cars, and then drive them to Anchorage. My question is, where should we stay in the Seattle area?

We were thinking around SeaTac so we have good access to the Seattle and Tacoma car markets, but I could also see staying in Bellevue or Kirkland? Basically anywhere that we can find a modestly priced AirBnB, VRBO (or whatever the ethical alternative is these days) that meets our requirements, below.


There are lots of options, but we rarely have time to hang out in the 1st city so ease of access to cars for sale, tire shops, parts shops, and parking for 3+ cars is more important than ease of access to bars and food though both, obviously, would be epic.

So, requirements:

  • Private accommodations for three
  • Relatively safe on-site parking for at least three cars
  • Centrally located for good car buying spots
  • Centrally located for car parts and shops
  • Avoiding toll heavy areas would make our lives easier

Help us Oppo!

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