Attended my 2nd autocross this weekend with the PNW Porsche club. I took a couple of cell phone photos, but I got sunscreen on the lens so all the photos are extra shiny and classy.

The Porsche club kindly allows the BMW club to join them for their autocross. Here’s my car:

The event is held at Bremerton Motorsports park and the weather was perfect. Here are some more photos I took when I wasn’t driving, running for cones, or stuffing my face:

Drive a cone-colored car and you’re immune to cone-rash:


Or, tape up the spots where you are most likely to hit a cone:

Even though I’m still slow, I still had a blast. Everyone at the event is kind and knowledgeable. Unfortunately they all drive way way faster than me, but I’ll get there.


Completely subjective awards, from me (with apologies for lack of photos):

  • Best car: Porsche 911 RS America
  • Best sounding: Porsche Panamera (yes, seriously)
  • Best looking: Porsche Boxter Spyder
  • Most badass: RX-7 Rally Car
  • Hungriest for cones: C5 Corvette Z06 (dragged 4 cones halfway through the course)


The course was pretty fast for autocross with several people hitting the rev-limiter in 2nd. Unfortunately, it may have been too fast, because one guy driving a 2000 Boxter, hit the concrete barrier and pretty much destroyed the right side of his car. They changed the course a little after that...