PNW Spring Oppo Meet Pitch: Please Advise

After my weekend in Squamish, I decided that PNW Oppo should do a trip up the Sea to Sky Highway which according to is “It’s one of the world’s most spectacular seaside drives and is a veritable invitation for a road trip.” Also... a dangerous road (although less so after the 2010 Olympics refresh). I can guarantee you, it is one of the most if not the most scenic drives in the PNW.

I’m trying to gauge interest for an April/May run. As mentioned below, overnight maybe a good idea. It’s a short drive, but so much to see and the traffic can suck midday. Overnight would allow us to drive down earlier in the morning on one of the worlds absolute best roads.

If your interested or if locals have ideas of things to see/do, let me know. If you really are interested and you live in the USA, get a passport so you can come!


There is tons to see and do along the road which raises the possibility of an overnighter to help accommodate our American friends and make the drive more engaging by allowing us to stop for sights and meals. I would want to make it budget friendly.

I’d want to make the drive from Metro Vancouver (Fort Langley?) to Pemberton, BC. From Vancouver to Pemberton is only 95 miles, but there is so, so much to see along the way.

Possible stops:

- Britannia Mines
-Porteau Cove Provincial Park
-Squamish for lunch
-Whistler for activities/dinner
-Pemberton for activities/dinner


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