If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Podcast to get you thru the next 40 min or so

Episode 15 is up, quite pleased with how it came out, if you haven't listen yet: listen here

Topics on this show were

Call-in from Justin (JQJ213THEGROCERYBAGGER) Local Dealership Ads Car Commercials Hamsters in KIAs Speed Bump or Humps? Shrines to dead people on the sides of roads Ike's Challenge to Prius Owners Thank You: Guy who listens to our show while doing homework (stay in school!) VDINOTHEROADSIDEMECHANIC Justin (caller from Florida) Our International and domestic listeners Our Troops and First Responders Twitter - @untitledcarshow To be on the show email untitledcarshow@gmail.com


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