I have to write a story Canterbury Tales style for Senior English. What do you think this is about with no context (you don't go to my school)? I had a ton of fun with this.

Sprawled across the Clarendon Crescent

A building where lives ascent or descent.

An institution where students can learn

Or all hope of success can adjourn.

Where middle schoolers become adults

And where perhaps they might start a cult.

This is Enloe —- a whirlpool of mystery.

Producer of great names in history

Like the cowboy from the YMCA song.

Here is a story of a day went wrong.

On the sixteenth of May in twenty thirteen

A group of students had a plan quite mean.

A small band of hooligans they were

With the best of intentions… sure…

They all grouped together to execute

Their plot. One by one they dispensed their loot

On the heads of the students water fell

Balloons went down and up came hell.

Hands went up and people ran for doors

This early debacle was the first of the water wars.

The King of the School rewarded this no applause

The Lyon roared his threat to use his paws

If Hooligans did not confess to their shenanigans.

Nobody stood up. They just sat like mannequins.

On went the day and on went the fight.

The other students still running with fright.

The King knew what he had to do

The hyenas were dispatched to pursue

The Hooligans and capture them in the act

Before of course they themselves were attacked.