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Pointless Rant about Pointless Arguments on the Internet

What I’ve noticed about comment threads in gawker (Some sections more prevalent in others) where there are people who feel like they have to combat some kind of topical issue that someone else has expressed. I’ve myself responded several times to others for reasons that basically involve disagreement. Most of the time, I can see the outcome in front of me and it’s usually pointless. It’s ALWAYS depressing.

If there are other sentient life out there, and if they have tapped our internet traffic and looked at our online presence, they’re going to see how we represent our points and views on the internet, they’re going to observe the value that we place on the understanding of our own language, and they’re going to find that we are a prideful, arrogant, ignorant group of beings with far more emotional stake in gaining the upper hand in an argument instead of finding out the actual facts.

There are exceptions of course, the funny and expressive writers and commenters, the ones who absorb new facts and update their views, the practical commenters behind the scenes trying to make it better, and most of the viewers who are simply here to get info, keep entertained, and move on.


You, the exceptions, the ones who can civilly disagree, the ones who can live and let live, the ones who aren’t afraid of absorbing new information, I salute you. As for the rest of you assholes, fuck off and stay off the internet. Thanks.

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