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Poison Oak-It persists

Spending nearly 14 years living and working in Northern California I developed a hyper sensitivity to poison oak. My last major case was in the spring of 2010 when I got multiple exposures from hitting a branch that was overhanging a trial during a mountain bike race. How do I know how many laps I did? By the number of rash stripes on my left arm. Four to be exact. Resulted in a visit to the doctor and prescriptions for pills and creams for pregnant women. I was also unable to be intimate with my spouse for several weeks due to the extent of rash on my body. 

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Fast forward to this weekend. I traveled to my moms house and used a piece of luggage I have not used in a long time as I do not check bags when traveling. I can only assume that the poison oak was on the luggage.

I now have a spot on my left eye lid, one spot just under my left peck and nice rash on my stomach.


I Fucking Hate Poison Oak.

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