Let me set this straight, right off the bat: I never played Pokemon as a ‘kid’. Never watched the shows, never collected the cards, didn’t play ANY of the games...

I only started playing Go because it seemed immensely popular when it came out, was free, and gave me something to do when I was bored, and with my kids that were KINDA getting into Pokemon.

Also one of my guilty pleasures is watching grown men with dirty minds and mouths play Minecraft, and they did a couple Pixelmon series, where there are Pokemon elements in a Minecraft world. I suggest looking it up, its quite entertaining.

So back in JANUARY I caught this fucker. Hadn’t seen one before, and as it turns out, I would see one again for NEARLY A YEAR.


Until I saw a little yellow-brown turd on my screen after parking in the lot to pick up my daughter from dance class.

Nearly. A. Year.

Why does this bother me so much? Was it the two Sandslash raids I missed out on by mere MINUTES last week? Was it because its the favorite ‘Mon of one of the YouTuber dudes I watched?


I dunno. I’m just happy as all shit to finally see another one. And once I evolve my Onix into a Steelix (5 more candies, dammit I need more Rare Candy drops from raids!) I’m walking with the Sandshitter until I have 23 more candy so I can get the Sandslash I always wanted.

For some reason.