The gate is behind me, so we have a good sized enclosed area to park.

My wife said this morning, “I am so happy we cleaned up finally have enough room for all of our cars behind the gate. And we can fit the truck too! That is all of them!” Gulp.


We are picking this up next week. Cressida the week after.

Then we started talking about the rally we are doing in Sacramento in October, and her concerns about inement weather. She says, “You know, we may want to think about something we can enjoy in the winter when the weather is too rough for the Sunchaser.”

Hmmm...something like...this?


She also supports my dreams of a new Supra. This is a good woman who loves driving in old cars. She rules. Our retirement dream is a cross country trip in the Sunchaser.


She knows I hang out here, so it is possible she read my posts and is playing her own game with me to amuse herself. The very real possibility that this is true is exactly why I love her.

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