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My take, having spent time with both:

Model 3 is a great city car. 0/10 would not road trip. Road noise sucks, supercharging sucks, comfort sucks, sound system is mediocre, autopilot is eh. It’s fantastic for blasting around town in running errands and such. The acceleration induces giggles, the handling doesn’t feel especially lacking. I don’t mind the tablet that much. The worst part of the Model 3 is the owners.


EDIT: the model 3 door handles suck. You have to push your thumb on a very specific spot to pop the handle out, THEN you can grab it and pull to open. It’s an obnoxious level of precision and movements required just to open a fucking door and it reeks of complication for the sake of being unique with no thought whatsoever given to user experience, which sort of pervades the whole car. You get a neat place to stick your phone to charge. Neat! Except it works with absolutely no phones that have cases. Cool. Thanks for making it unusable for 90% of people.


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