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On sites like this you hear a lot of growning about the police. Some is deserved, but most isn’t as they just caught you doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing. Today I attended the funeral for a 26 year old deputy who was killed in action earlier this month. He was the son-in-law of a friend from work. It was a stark reminder that police are just normal people doing a largely thankless job. He was a young kid with a young family doing something he loved.


It sound like he was funny, liked to do little pranks, had a bit of ADHD and that he dearly loved his wife, son and the son they were expecting later this month. He was from the city he served, went to school and scouts with everyone, partied with everyone when he was younger and was just exited to be able to help. He wasn’t a soldier in a faceless army with a foul agenda. He wasn’t a killjoy looking to suck the fun out of things. He just wanted to make his community better.

So, the next time someone rages about the police do remember that the vast majority of them are just folks from the area doing a job that many wouldn’t do. They have families, worries and aspirations for themselves and their families just like the rest of us.


Also, police funerals are lovely and sad events. There were officers from all over in attendance. I saw an officer from the NYPD, and several states, plus most every major jurisdiction in Georgia.

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