Most mornings are fairly mundane, but a nice officer in an unmarked Taurus decided to inject a little excitement into this morning’s commute. It started at one of those nasty two-turning lanes that turn into one on-ramp (three if you count the left turners coming from the other direction). I came around the curve in the leftmost lane, he was in the right. I slowed a bit to let him merge as we entered the ramp. I assume he felt he didn’t have enough room as he goosed it a bit so he could slide to the left. No problem.

After we hit the freeway, I slid over a lane and sped up to cruising speed. He slipped in behind me and turned on his brights. I moved over to the left lane. He followed.

He tailgated and kept his brights on me for over a mile before finally turning them off and backing off. He followed me through traffic for 8 miles. When I say followed, I mean it - his lane changes mirrored mine even though I moved over to allow him to pass. The urge to brake check was strong, but I resisted. We were already speeding, so I thought adding fuel to the fire wasn’t a good idea.

When I finally exited, no finger signs were traded, but we did share some nasty looks when he passed me.

Some cops are asshats.