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Police blotter, Montana edition

From The Daily Interlake 10/12/2017

According to the Whitefish Police Department, two black bears chased someone on a bike, and then climbed a tree.


A male was reported to be walking over the viaduct toward Big Mountain stumbling and almost fell over the guardrail.

According to the Kalispell Police Department, a group of teens were whipping around corners and racing up and down the road, when a wheel fell off one of the vehicles. The driver was counseled and his father said he would try to get a flatbed to pick up the vehicle.


A caller said a panhandler was yelling at him and raising his fist to his dog.

A man lost his wallet and it had all of his IDs in it. The police department had the wallet.


A 1-year-old was locked in a vehicle but was not in distress. The vehicle was unlocked and the baby was safe.

A suspicious looking woman was reportedly taking pictures of children at a daycare. When the woman, who was wearing a red jump suit, was told to stop, she reportedly ran toward a nearby residence. The owner of the home said the female in question was her sister from Hong Kong who is staying with them. The woman didn’t speak English but her sister said she would tell the woman that what she was doing was not OK.


According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, an unruly 60-year-old female had to be removed from the train and escorted off the property.

A Kalispell resident said their mailbox was stolen sometime in the night. Even the post was taken.


A Columbia Falls resident called asking how they could get a pony back from someone in Missoula legally.

A woman was worried about muddy boot prints on the hood of her car.

A man said his wife in Canada was sending him email threats to take his dog and tell his employer he is insane.


A Columbia Falls man said he was arrested in Bozeman and when he got out of jail, his vehicle was missing.

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