Polish McLaren F1 Replica Isn't Horrible

Remember that Polish guy who was trying to build a McLaren F1 out of whatever parts he could find? Pictures of the unfinished car have been floating around online for a while, but now he's finally got it on the road, and to be honest, it's not too shabby. It's not perfect, of course, but it's definitely better than what comes to mind when you think 'Eastern European supercar replica'.


He built a custom tube frame, a surprisingly contemporary-looking passenger cell, and powered the car with an Audi V12. I can think of worse things. He's constructed a few prototypes thus far, and he has plans to continue to refine the concept.

It does seat three with the driver in the center, but he also included a fourth seat crammed right behind the driver, which he calls the 'Hammond Seat' after everyone's favorite diminutive car enthusiast, because you have to be pretty small to fit in it.

He goes into a bit of detail here in the video, and it includes some footage of the car on the road as well. I'm sure it doesn't perform like the F1, but its good enough for a home build, and surely good enough to fool the locals in Krakow.

Minor correction: He made three prototypes thus far, one of them used a BMW V12, one used an Audi W12, and another used a BMW V8.

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