Political Car Analogy

Politics after the broken Prius.

Why do we the people continue to re-elect Nancy Pelosi? In 31 years, she has introduced & passed a total of 7 pieces of legislation. She’s not some kind of master negotiator, she’s basically the rock wall in a Looney Tunes show.


To put it another way, she’s basically Toyota. Old, slow, a tease, and ultimately ineffective. The idea of a new Supra is great, but in reality, it’s up to the people developing it to push it forward quickly and with great skill - to keep it from languishing in meetings, negotiations, and committees.

I’m a very centrist person, politically speaking. I firmly believe that both parties are rooted in bullshit and are mostly rotten to the core. I also have the lovely distinction of living in California, where people literally had a psychological break when Trump was elected.

What the people of California want is some kind of version of “stand tall!” “resist!”, something like this:


What they actually get seems to be amounting to an elitist temper tantrum:


It will require two parties to end the government shutdown, not just one. There was a new deal put on the table by the president, and rather than an actual response, it got more screaming and tears and “we will not compromise”. The logical part of my brain, of course, begs the question “compromise on what?” since a border wall, at most, costs just 0.3% of the total federal budget (and would be spread over years, making that even lower). So clearly then it’s immoral to build a wall and all the stories about human trafficking over Texas is just fake news? I don’t really think so. Ah, but visa overstays actually make up 60% of illegal immigration compared to 38% for the southern border! Yet, if you’re going to solve a problem, will you pick the hard one (visa overstays) or the easier one (limited to a smaller geographical region). I think the answer is simple.

I’m being a bit facetious. I understand that the reason Pelosi refuses to negotiate is because her #1 priority is not to get legislation passed or move the government forward. It’s to make sure the current president is as ineffective as possible.


Frankly, that’s literally the opposite of what you should ask from your leaders. How many times have you walked into work and had your boss say “look, I know you don’t like [Joe], but you have to work with him and I think you can make him better.” But Pelosi doesn’t have a boss like that. She has thousands of this person screaming in her ear:


Who, ironically, are all driving around like this in their expensive electric cars:


It’s fascinating to back in the archives 18 months and see what people were writing. If you read this 2017 piece from CNN, you would think that a border wall is a must. If you read today’s headlines, it’s a disastrous waste of money. Clearly both can’t be true?!


It’s late and I don’t remember where I was going with this other than: please stop supporting ineffective politicians.

Here’s the complete list of all the legislation Pelosi has been able to introduce & accomplish:

  • To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 867 Stockton Street in San Francisco, California, as the “Lim Poon Lee Post Office”.
  • Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
  • Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
  • San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coin Act
  • Winter Run Chinook Salmon Captive Broodstock Act of 1993
  • For the relief of Anna C. Massari.
  • Designating March 1989 as “Women’s History Month”.

Amazing that with all that tough talk, she’s been able to mint some coins, protect some fish, commemorate a month, and rename a post office. This is now the person who is negotiating with the man who literally wrote the book on negotiation. Seriously, California? Can we not do better than this? I take it all back, comparing this track record to Toyota is unfair to Toyota. 

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