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More about terrorism.

So a big shift occured in this country when the opposition party got elected to power. As the opposition they didn’t really have any power, so it didn’t matter if they ran around in bycicles or non-bulletproof cars.


But the 2018 electoral season was the deadliest in Mexican history, dozens of candidates were murdered or injured throughout it. Even later on some were attacked.

These two last weeks have been the worst by far, a car bomb outside a refinery in Salamanca with a direct threat to the President was found, the mayor of a city in Veracruz was shot, an atempted murder of vocal congressman just happened tonight.


I just wonder if these people could even lead regular lives, or if it’s apporpriate for them to do this.

Popularly, they might want to be seen in regular cars, being more regular people. But if a mayor is murdered, or if a congressman is murdered, or if there’s an attempt on a President...well, the possible consequences are far too high for the few image points they might recieve.


Regardless. I feel like their free trial is over, and they need to start taking security seriously, not only for their sake, but for that of their voters who don’t want their legislators to be dead.

Mexico is experiencing a very strange moment of it’s history right now, and for those that like politics, it’s a great place to observe. How can the most popular president of our history be recieving death threats outside a refinery while the least popular expresident is with a supermodel in Madrid?

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