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California governor signed law where Californians will be chastised for showering and washing clothes on same day. Heavily relying on snitch and surveillance program.

In my opinion, it is not news that California and west in general has water shortage. Would it not make sense to put money and effort into desalination plants? Sure. What would happen if it rained for 7 years and California got inundated by fresh water... well... run a pipe to another state and pump your fresh water into some other state that needs it. Sell it. Make money. Offset the cost of the plant.

If you are in drought few years later, you can divert the water for own use.

Rather than utilize technology and placing money into infrastructure, they are hoping the snitching program will fix their drought problems.


Snitches get stitches. Also, I don’t care how much they snitch, people will want to drink and you can’t tell live stock or plants that they can’t get a drink today because joe shmoe showered.