Dems are officially filibustering Gorsuch. Lets talk.

How do Oppo’s feel about Gorsuch? I’ve lightly read up on him, and he appears to be a solid jurist that is fully qualified to do the job. Pretty much the literal definition of “mainstream”. Are there legitimate issues with him that I am unaware of?

Secondly, do you agree with forcing the nuclear option here? Rather than apppear reasonable in holding a vote for an ostensibly qualified jurist, why fillibuster knowing the result? Why not go Alito for Alito here and save the fight for if/when a more liberal seat is at stake? You do realize that the possibility of a Justice Ted Cruz is a possibility far better suited for a fillibuster..... I don’t understand the logic of falling on the sword for THIS nomination.

*why not yes for cloture, no for nomination and seat him, saving the battle for something or someone less deserving or qualified?