Politics warning. Discussing the shooting from a different angle.

Last night a gunman opened fire on republican senators playing softball. Allegedly, the gunman asked whether the players were republican or democrat prior to opening fire. Given it’s still extremely early in the reporting cycle and many more facts are yet to come, however it appears that this shooting was politically motivated.

Going back a few years, when Rep. Gifford was shot during a campaign stop in Arizona the press and the democrats pounced on the supposed inflammatory statements by Republicans that led to the shooting. Of course, it turned out that the shooter was just mentally impaired and not a partisan zealot. And while that may be the case for this shooting too, it’s fully impossible to ignore the inflammatory comments coming from the left.

Republicans have been so demonized by the left and the press that it would not take a leap of faith to see how the fringe could be pushed to violence, especially after seeing the relative success and acceptance of the use or threat of violence to shut down conservative voices on college campuses. Especially after the success of assassination porn being promoted from the left.


My exit question is, at what point does the left take responsibility for the atmosphere of hatred it has created through the use of it’s rhetoric? How many senators have to be shot before people realize that the absolute demonization of the opposition has crossed from trying to win an election into something far more dangerous?