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DACA opinion inside from Oppo’s resident republican.

Nobody, including republicans, wants to deport individuals who were brought here without making the choice, to send people to countries they don’t know with languages they may not speak.


The issue raised by republicans when Obama passed DACA by executive fiat was procedural, that it overstepped executive authority and that anyone could come along and rescind for any reason, dramatically impacting these individuals. The answer needs to be a legislative response, not an executive or judicial response.

Obama was wrong to overstep executive authority to implement DACA, but that doesn’t mean the policy itself is bad policy. Trump is not wrong to undo by executive authority that which should never have been done by executive authority to begin with (see also: million acre monuments and the antiquities act). The six month waiting period is obviously intended to provide Congress the opportunity to codify the program the right way.

The only remaining question is whether something that genuinely holds bipartisan support will turn into yet another political pissing match and yet another failure of Washington, or whether the adults (on both sides of the isle) will return to proper governance.

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