It’s going to be an interesting week.

1) 2nd in command at the FBI is taking a three month vacation prior to his retirement. Announced in December that he would be retiring in March, the retirement is nothing new. The timing is what’s shining a spotlight on the situation. McCabe’s boss stopped by capital Hill yesterday to review the Nunes memo, and today McCabe’s pushed out the door. Could be coincidence, not likely.

2) Speaking of the Nunes memo... #releasethe memo has been a trending hashtag over the last week or two. The jist is that the house intelligence committee has had access to highly classified material for a while now and has been conducting their own investigation. Using source material from the FBI, Nunes completed a 4 page chronology of events that supposedly proves something went seriously wrong with actions taken by key parties at the FBI. Now, Nunes is a known partisan, and Democrats are already attempting to spin the memo as baseless talking points. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. As with anything, there will be some underlying truth beneath the partisan veneer, so take it with a grain of salt. The house may vote this week to release the memo. Sit back and watch for the fireworks. It’ll be almost as good as the upcoming DOJ IG report.

3) Yeah, there’s also an upcoming DOJ Inspector General report about the same topic. The IG report should be a lot harder to spin in either direction. Stay tuned.

4) State of the union is coming up. Some Dems are planning to skip it altogether. Others plan to pack the gallery with illegal immigrants. I saw one proposal for Republicans to pack the gallery with ICE agents in response... possibly a little extreme, but the thought of the resulting political theatre made me laugh nonetheless. Likewise I had seen a theory the day of the shutdown that the Democrats just needed to hold out long enough to force a SOTU speech under a closed government. Clearly that didn’t pan out, but an interesting thought. The speech itself will be nothing special, the special interest theatre surrounding it may be fun to watch.


5) Clinton pumped out one video talking about “activist bitches, supporting bitches” and another reading fantasy fiction for the Grammys tthe Bitches vid had delivery akin to Michael Scott in the office. Some things just don’t work, so don’t force it. The Grammy vid was equally forced. Also, given that a powerful message throughout the Grammys was tied to #metoo, perhaps Clinton was not the ideal poster child for a feature spot, given her closeness to Weinstein, Clinton’s history of rape/assault and/or known Lolita Express flights, and of course the news that Clinton actively provided protection to an abuser during her campaign. Stay classy Clinton.

Lots to watch this week!