And it’s gonna be a doozy....

First off, people are certifiably insane if they think we’ve elected a fascist dictator. He’s a democratically elected leader in a country with checks-and-balances that has existed for 241 years and 45 Presidents. We don’t elect kings and there are limits to his power. There’s a reason that r/the_donald calls him a ‘god-emperor’ (and it isn’t because they are the ones who believe it to be true).

Seriously, my best friend’s family lived in Nazi-fucking-Germany as Jews. They do not believe that Trump is a fascist, and they literally watched Hitler’s rise to power and persecution of Jews, eventually leading to them living in a concentration camp in Poland. This is definitely not that. Trump does not have unilateral command over the entire government and he has not endorsed the persecution of any races of people - both primary aspects of Hitler’s rise to power. By comparing the current administration to literal Nazis, you are making incredible light of the people who suffered and died in concentration camps at the hands of a real fascist dictator.

This is populism at it’s core. He’s focused solely on the American people, not caring about anyone else. This definitely hasn’t been a popular belief in the past, but Trump has made it work with modern society’s views and won the presidency with it. Whether you like it or not, that’s really what the President is supposed to be - a servant of the people.


Secondly, 49% of people voted for Trump (don’t bother talking about him not winning the popular vote, that isn’t how our government has ever worked so it’s irrelevant). That means that 49% of voters believed that he was the right (or at least, less bad) of the two choices. The Electoral College isn’t going anywhere, but it isn’t some mysterious secret. It’s pretty easy for a candidate to tailor their campaign to game the system and win the presidency if they are competent. 49% is a large amount of people. Making a claim that they “are all racist, misogynistic, fascists” is unilaterally false and unjustified. Frankly, I’m appalled that people who claim to be “open-minded” will turn around and discriminate against someone based upon who they voted for. That’s just not right.

Hillary ran an absolutely shite campaign, focusing far too strongly on defaming Trump and promoting her idea that ‘it’s time for a woman to be in the White House’, while spending no time talking actual policy beyond ‘continue doing what Obama was doing’. Why should I vote for you Hillary? I’m not gonna vote for you solely because you’re a woman, and I’m not gonna vote for you because the other guy is an ass. Give us a shred of policy and tell it to the people who need to hear it. Don’t completely avoid states because ‘they’re a safe bet’. That’s the entire point of the electoral college in the first place, to keep states from being avoided.


Thirdly, why do we care about the Middle East/Islamic immigration ban so much? These are countries run by theocratic dictatorships, with legally-enforced discrimination - a straight up human rights violation. These are countries where my girlfriend and I cannot even visit, because we will almost certainly be imprisoned, and quite possibly killed due to active persecution of LGBTQ individuals. And on top of that, the majority of people in these countries support the human-rights-violating Sharia law. America is all about inclusion, unless it’s including those who discriminate against others. Why should we support that? Either we are pro-women and LGBTQ, or we are anti-women and LGBTQ (Sharia law), it can’t be both ways. These countries need to reform themselves for the modern era of equal rights, and the U.S. being buddies with them and telling them everything they do is okay (*cough* Saudi Arabia *cough*) doesn’t help pressure them. This isn’t a dislike of Muslims, most of whom are fine people, it’s a dislike of Islam as it is applied to every day life and government. That is what needs to be reformed here.

And even if you’re willing to look past that mess, these are countries that are literally in the middle of a god damn war. And to make matters worse, several of the parties involved want to literally destroy America. This is not discrimination, it’s common sense. It’s a damn shame we can’t help out, but given the parties involved it is in our best interest to stay out for the time being.


PS: As an FYI to the whole community, keep this in mind - most people don’t form opinions based on logic or reason, they form them based on emotion and upbringing. Due to this, there is almost zero chance you can change someone’s views on anything, so you’re better off explaining your points clearly and reasonably. Keep your emotion out of it and be respectful. Give the other person the courtesy of hearing them out, as politics are not a black/white, us/them issue. Most people fall near the middle on the political spectrum, so their views tend to be a mix of both sides - slightly favoring one over the other.

PSS: If anything here doesn’t make much sense as it’s written (I’m talking grammar or punctuation here) or is hard to read, let me know.

PSSS: Know that I literally don’t hate anyone without a good reason (religion and politics are not one of those reasons, unless you use it to discriminate against others). Anything here that offends you is not because I dislike you as a person, but due to bigger problems within the institutions as a whole.