As Trump signs a deployment of the national guard to the border, one cannot be but reminiscent of the last time we saw the army clearly from the other side of the border.

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Little does he know that we do all the dirty, non-human-rightsy work for the border patrol on our south border and the people going to the US are literally refugees. Shamefully the careful, calculating, calm hand of diplomacy that we so desperately need will probably not come in the following months...

Or maybe he knows and he just likes sticking the finger to everyone.

It’s probably necessary to point out that other presidents have sent the National Guard to the border before; including Obama. But it was criticized for being inefficient and focus was changed to areal surveillance.... nevermind that Obama and Bush probably sent a notice of the increased activity through something more appropriate than twitter.

So... If you’re illegally immigrating to the US just stay in the planes. (I joke please don’t enter a country illegally if you planned to)

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