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Political shit

Not a debate just news that made my day

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Tijuana’s mayor was told by a judge that he can no longer spew misinformation about the migrant caravan to his constituents. Oh but it gets better.

The mayor , and his chief of police were told by the judge that they must inform immigrants of their rights and also must adhere to the legal forms of passing them over to the migration authorities (ie; no illegal detention of members of any caravan)


This guy was saying that the immigrants brought drugs, crime, and didn’t even bother to say some of them were nice people. He also even declared a state of emergency and spent most of November scaring and misleading people in the city....So I’m glad he’s being told to shut the fuck up.

I can’t seem to find what the consequences are of ignoring a direct order by a judge, but with state elections coming up this year, maybe he shouldn’t be trying to figure it out.

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