I’m not naive enough to think it won’t be a shitstorm, but here it is.

Is there any reason Andrew Yang isn’t the most Oppo US presidential candidate ever?


  • All US Oppos will have an extra $1,000/month to spend on project cars.
  • Everyone in the US will have extra disposable income to spend on niche enthusiast cars, which will make them more financially viable.
  • Autoworkes laid off due to automation will get $1,000/month and access to universal healthcare.
  • People will be more able to afford OEM parts, rather than relying on the aftermarket, making automakers more likely to support legacy vehicles like MB does.
  • Amateur motorsports will likely grow as middle and lower income people will be more able to accesses it.
  • We could pool our YangBucks and start our Oppo commune where we hoon 90's Subarus and Miatas through the woods on rally stages we built.

Has there ever been a more Oppo/Jalop candidate?