I am so disappoint


no, not that Team A won or Team B lost or whatever. Im disappointed that:

1. This is partisan as hell. Im very saddened to learn that party rules the day, not justice, not country, not even a desire to find fact. Im more impressed with the 2 nay votes on the dems than I am with the 194 nays on the republicans or 231 yea on the dems. Holy hell you cowards, grow a pair and vote based on something other than the color of your tie.

2. NV (No Vote). Who the HELL do they think they are?! Maybe I am missing the reason there is no vote cast for these 4 but whats the point of electing officials to speak for us if they can’t even be bothered to cast their vote? If there is one thing 100% of our representatives should be weighing in on its this process and to be absentee is appalling. IF this is simply a case of unavoidable absence or some other procedural thing I withdraw my objection, but I have a feeling its representatives who refuse to do their job.

granted this isn’t the final line in the sand, but its sure not a great start.

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