Heres a Viper, a purebred American car. Now onto politics. I know this is oppositelock, but this community seems to have an awesome ability to be openminded and level headed.

Anyway, the release of the memo has me all confused now.

To give some context, I wind up agreeing with liberal social policies, but conservative economic and foreign policies (where the two collide, I tend to favor Liberal idealogy). That being said, I still I have liberal bias. Especially when it comes to Trump. So instead of reading CNN, I wind up reading Fox news to help challenge my beliefs. But at this point the information related to the memo is so convulted, its impossible to form an accurate idea of whats going on.

My understanding is the Steele Dossier was produced by a independent moderate group. However, it was funded by Hillary Clinton, and Steele had acknowledged severe bias against Trump.

Essentially making the dossier resembled more of a smear campaign against Trump then an actual factual report on Trumps campaign collusion with Russia. In particular, references to prostitues giving Trump a “golden shower” are pretty obviously BS.


I think the big issue the memo brings up is, that the FBI/DOJ, instead of verifying the dossier first, used it as critcal evidence to gain a warrant for the Mueller Investigation.

The other issue according to the memo, is that the FBI abused FISA to spy on the Trump Campaign.


My personal opinion, is that something doesn’t add up on both sides. The Dossier was way to biased and made claims way to wild for the FBI to take seriously. It almost feels like the FBI used the dossier as an excuse to get a warrant, abusing the whole DOJ system in the process. Not only did the FBI possibly use this to get a warrant, but also acquired a FISA warrant against Trumps team.

In all, the FBI appears to very liberal leaning, which would make sense after 8 years of democratic influence.


However, if the dossier is as unsubsitated as the conservatives say it is, why hadn’t the Mueller investigation ended? I’m very well aware that the Mueller Investigation is biased towards democrats, but that shouldn’t matter when it comes to evidence and truth.

It’s like the (ironicly enough Conservative) argument for the PATRIOT Act. If you have nothing to hide, why worry? I can’t exactly tell if the conservatives are using the memo to say that the Mueller Investigation is completely unfounded, or that the warrants were achieved in an illegal matter. And that anything coming out of the investigation should be disregarded as the evidence was acquired in an illegal fashion.


But, if the Mueller investigation was not turning up anything, especially in relations to the Russia investigation, then why has it continued?

And more importantly, if the entire dossier was fake and their was no collusion with the Russian government, why did Michael Flynn resign?


So many questions, but few answers...